Embellished Face Mask
Embellished Face Mask
Embellished Face Mask

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Embellished Face Mask

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Inspired by my "Toxic" collection of 2018 (images in original art collection section),

Unfortunately, what I had painted back then has become real in 2020.

Protect yourself from germs and contaminants without losing your style.

They can't dim your light. 

Breath with ease, securely sealed. Effective protection against dust, haze, droplets, etc.

Product Description 

  • Efficient filtration: filtering at least 95% of dust, haze, droplest, etc.
  • 4-layer purification: Melt-blown nonwovens, moderate thickness for particle absorption, double-layered electrostatic filter, and highly efficient at filtering particles.
  • Breathe with ease: Advanced nonwovens fabric provides easier breathing.
  • N95

One Mermaid blue and a Gold.

Please in the notes of your purchase add the color you will like.

We appreciate you!